STEO: The MSETT Training System

Simulation - Training - Evaulation - Optimization
  1. Requirements
    Data is the basis for secure planning and succesful action. Even more, data have to be found and collected in a way that they will be useful and easily processed. That's why MSETT has developed a data mining methodology which consists a unique tool.
  2. Objectives
    Most of times the data tank that comes from the collected data is a set of information that need analysis, evaluation and structure. The idea is to sustain a systematic data structure that will support a detailed planning process.
  3. Analysis
    For developing a feasible and efficient plan is necessary to determine discrete sets of actions that describe step by step the actions for completing a plan. These sets of actions, known as strategies, are methodologicaly set by MSETT in a way that different strategies can support the planning process.
  4. Plan
    Planning needs talent, knowledge and fantasy. Needs also data and people that can evaluate strategies and find solutions. Planning also have to follow a method otherwise is unrealistic or even more dangerous. See what we have as MSETT team: Experience, knowledge, fantasy, strategic thinking, methodology and tools for realistic and efficient planning. Do you think you can trust us?
  5. Courses
    To make a realistic and efficient plan is not enough. A plan has to be effective also. That's why in MSETT after developing a plan we start testing it and at the end we optimise it to be as effective as it can be. Based on operation research and simulation tools our optimisation process is the key for an effective plan.
  6. Evaluation
    OK, the plan is ready! What about those who will carry on the plan and make it happen? The key is training over the plan's objectives and in the plan's details! And yes, MSETT will do the training for securing the 100% success of the plan!
  7. Optimization
    After the action we have to analyze the results and check out id the objectives have been achieved. How we can do it? By a methodological evaluation of the discrete and partial events and their feed back, based on operation research tools!
  8. Lessons
    What we get from the after action review has to be structured and studied deeply. Which means that we need to know exactly what happened, why and in which time. So, we learn from both our mistakes and our proper and correct activities, by transforming the results of our actions to useful conclusions.
  9. Customization
    What makes a decision maker successful is the capability to "hear" and adapt new ideas and innovative proposals. MSETT is using experimentation methods based on constructive simulation for broadening people's mind and support them in finding cost and time effective solutions!