multilevel - cross level education

Interactive Simulation​​ 

Babies - Preschool ages (0-5): Activities supported from interactive simulation games to teach babies and kids (and parents ..), up to the age of 5, how to behave, socialize and many more! 

Active Babies

MSETT Hellas​
Using simulation to build a new world...

Preliminary School ages (6-12): Getting basic skills and capabilities, test themselves and explore the world through history! Develop their critical thinking and learn how to achieve objectives and targets, using strategy and serious games!

History & Strategy
Find your Way

Secondary School ages (13 - 18): Learn hoe to translate historical data to modern situations, develop their capabilities in strategic thinking, find out how to set up targets and understand our world better, open their minds to the future!

Our Numbers...

  1. school ages
    4 history projects, 2 find yourself serious games, evaluation and self evaluation system
  2. advanced education
    learn history - discover the world - find a job, 3 projects
  3. babies - pre school
    16 programs for babies, kids and parents, 2 parents and 2 kids serious games for learning and fun

Our Programs...

Active Babies
A full system for babies and little kids up to the age of 5, for educating both parents and kids. With a lot of activities, fun and learn supported by simulation tools, parents and their children come together and discover how to communicate, understand eachother and set the basis for the next phases of their common life! With love and vision to both the parents and children!
Active Babies (Pages in Greek)
“Herodotus” is an interactive, innovative and unique training system, based on constructive simulation models and 3D strategic games which is targeted to support the historical studies and training. The idea is to combine a training – teaching method to initiate the emotional intelligence of the trainees, supported by advanced constructive simulation tools used to build a virtually (or augmented) reality environment. In this environment the student tries to interact with the models and games as also with the rest of his / her team  in order to understand the historical events and open up his/hers skills and capabilities for role playing important historical personalities. 
Herodotus (Pages in Greek)