Start a Company or Buy a Franchise?
Always exercise due diligence before you buy a franchise or an existing business. Following the due diligence and if you are satisfied with the franchise concept, potential and operation, seek the advice of an immigration specialist in order to evaluate the project and define whether the franchise business you are interested in qualifies for the E2 Investor visa. MSETT and it's partners are at your disposal to evaluate the business opportunity and advise you further on the E2 visa process. 

A franchise is a legal and commercial agreement between the owner of a trademark, service mark, or trade name of an already existing business and an individual (or group) wishing to be involved in the particular business by using it's identification. In general, a franchisee is selling goods or services supplied by the franchiser ensuring the franchiser's quality standards. 

Franchising is based on a mutual trust between the Franchisee and the Franchiser , where the latter provides  the business know-how (expertise) as well as advise on the location, providing the business plan, financing, training and anything else needed. The franchisee bring in the entrepreneurial concept and puts his best effort to exploit everything he got from the Franchiser in the best and most profitable way.

There are two main types of Franchise:

  • Product or trade name franchising
  • business format franchising

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